The Knight's Academy



The Journey to Knighthood

To become a knight is no easy task. It requires sacrifice, persistence, patience, and development. It is not by skills of combat alone to be a knight. The journey is about building strong character who seeks to be the embodiment of honor and valor. It is understanding the values and virtues of our ideals and beliefs. We are to stand firm in the light of a dark world that is not afraid to shine out and stand up for what is good, right, and true. Students will be taught and tested in their skills and knowledge of what it means to be a knight and living those values. To earn a place into our Order of knights, students must master themselves into that being of honor and prove it through their developments in training.  

There are two paths to becoming a knight. Those two ways are being a squire to a knight or man/woman-at-arms. The squires will be taught directly by a knight in the Order. The knight will have the responsibility to teach our knighthood ideals, honor, and skills to squires they are assigned. Likewise, squires must be hold themselves accountable in striving to become what they seek and fulfilling the demands to come. The other way is being a man/woman-at-arms. This is more a personal development with the minimal demands. It is good for those who have a busy schedule and cannot meet the demands of being squire; however, the progress is slower and more difficult to reaching the goal of becoming a knight. One must figure out the right path that is best for them.

 The benefit of being a squire is building a close bond with your knight and kin. Squires will learn 1 on 1 instructions and possibly fellow squire training. There are special events for squires and competitions to challenge them. Squires will have a set plan and be constant communications with their assigned knight to help guide them in their journey.

The path through man/woman-at-arms is more difficult when it comes to testing and challenges, as it must to make sure the student is learning properly. Knights are constantly with squires in evaluating them, not like the men/women-at-arms. The benefit is going at one's pace with less pressure to become a knight or be tested, but the luxury to compete and learn in tournaments, wars, and classes. "Go as you please," one could say.

The path to knighthood is up to the seeker to decide on which to pursue or remain on. Once one earns the right to knighthood into the Order. Nobody can take it away. One will be a part of a special group that will help each other as best as possible.


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