The Knight's Academy



Our Goal

Our mission is to bring men and women together into a strong family of brotherhood and sisterhood. We want to instill confidence and a sense of belonging in the young hearts by creating a knightly order. Here students can develop and learn skills that will build their confidence and life lessons to help them be more successful.

Our Values


We hold a Christian world perspective on life. In this Order, students who seek to become Knights will be taught on the faith of Christianity and what it means to be a true follower of Christ. It is vital for our knights, and those who seek to become knights, to understand the faith of our Order. 

Everyone is created with purpose and reasoning. Life is hard and challenging. At times, we may feel like giving up and stop trying, but we need to get back up on our feet and press forward. There is a bigger picture to life than we just see before our eyes, and we seek to help students see their purpose in life that God has for them.

Our Vision


We want to see a true unity and bond between fellow believers, helping them stand boldly in their faith. Combating the lies and arrows of the enemy who seeks our division and destruction. There is a real spiritual war going on around us. We seek to bring what it means to be a warrior, how armor protects us, the vitality of knowledge and wisdom, and being a builder not a destroyer to body, the army, of Christ.

Men, young men, women, and young women are constantly under attack in today society to be pitted against each other, confused, and immature. We desire to mature each one in knowing who they are and their purpose.